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About Us

Who We Are.

We are a Health & Wellness brand focused on anti aging medicine and helping patients restore vitality and youth to their lives.  

The Greek word “Aegis”, pronounced [ˈējis’] means “divine shield”.  It is also defined as “the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization”.  We take great pride in producing quality, personalized wellness and prescription products that help our patients "shield" themselves from the otherwise negative impacts of aging.  

The Ejis wellness brand represents a commitment to excellence and quality.  Seeing the Ejis logo on a particular wellness product, or your prescription medication lets you know it has been produced to the highest standard by qualified medical practitioners.  

A Passion for anti aging medicine

Anti Aging and regenerative medicine aims at extending healthy lifespan and restoring youthfulness and vitality as we age.  Our passion is to guide patients through this process, while being able to offer them the best quality products and services that are both personalized and complimentary to their existing lifestyle.  


From over the counter Wellness & Vitality products, to custom prescription Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) preparations.  All of our proprietary formulations have been carefully created by Pharmacists and Physicians and are made in-house at participating Pharmacy Locations using the highest standards and state of the art Pharmaceutical Compounding Equipment.  

Hormone replacement therapy can and will improve quality of life. But in order to receive the most from your hormone restoration therapy, it is imperative to go to a pharmacy that specializes in hormone compounding.  All of our participating Pharmacies have specialty hormone pharmacists that are certified in prescription hormone compounding and are highly trained in both the clinical and technical aspects of compounding your hormone prescriptions.  They use high-grade USP ingredients and have state-of-the-art compounding equipment that results in compounds that are commercial grade, meaning you can rest assured your compounded prescriptions have even distribution of medication and are as cosmetically appealing as possible.

Our Executive Healthcare Team

Magan Laporte, PharmD, RPh. 
Clinical Pharmacist / Co-Founder

Magan obtained her Doctorate in Pharmacy, graduating with Rho Chi honours from the Eugene Applebaum School of Pharmacy in Detroit, Michigan in 2010.


She has since been practicing in both community and clinical pharmacy practices and has a passion for specialty medication compounding, including pain compounds and hormone replacement.

Magan has her Certificate in the Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding: Non Sterile Training from the LP3 Network as well as a Certificate in Hormone Replacement Therapy from the LP3 Network.  


Magan has two children, ages 3 and 4 years and when she is not in the pharmacy, she enjoys golfing and time with her husband, Brad Laporte, and her children. 

Bradley R Laporte, PharmD, RPh.
Director of Pharmacy Services / Co-Founder

Brad has over 14 years of retail pharmacy experience and co-owns and operates multiple independent pharmacy locations in both Northwestern and Southwestern Ontario.


Since receiving his Doctorate Degree, Brad has further differentiated himself clinically by obtaining his Certificate in Opioid Dependence Treatment from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine / Center for Addiction and Mental Health, a Certificate in the Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding: Non Sterile Training from the LP3 Network, and a Certificate in Hormone Replacement Therapy from the LP3 Network.  

Brad's primary areas of practice include Addiction Medicine and Specialized Pharmaceutical Compounding, specifically related to Anti-aging Medicine.  

Brad holds active memberships with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine as well as the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine 

Dorota Wolak, PharmD, RPh. 
Clinical Pharmacist

Dorota Wolak received her Bachelor of Physiology and Psychology from University of Western Ontario (2004) and her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Wayne State University (2008).


She has worked in community pharmacies in Windsor Essex County for over 10 years. She is passionate about health and the best ways to achieve well-being and committed to focusing her practice around patient care.


Dorota enjoys interacting with her patients, getting to know them, and making sure they have all of the information needed to benefit from their medications.


When she’s not helping patients with their medications, you can find Dorota spending time with her husband and four children catching pokemon around the city of Windsor. 

Erica Scratch, PharmD, RPh. 
Clinical Pharmacist

Erica graduated top of her class from the University of Windsor with an Honours Biochemistry degree in 2005.

She then graduated with Rho Chi honours from the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Wayne State University in 2009. 


Erica has been practicing in community pharmacy for over 10 years. She has been a manager and preceptor for pharmacy students and technicians. She hopes to provide a friendly environment for patients to feel comfortable discussing all their medication needs.


Erica loves spending time with her two children and husband and watching football on Sundays. 

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