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Prescription Compounding

Personalized Medicine

Custom Prescription Compounding is the art and science of creating personalized medicine.  Providing a bespoke solution to patients needing complicated doses, different routes of delivery, or a medication that is back-ordered can be life changing, and sometimes life saving.  Compounding Medications expands therapeutic options for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other prescribers looking for tailored solutions for their patients.  

Pharmacy Partners:

State of the art technology

Using the proper equipment and facilities for Prescription Compounding is paramount in order to produce the highest quality products for patients.  All participating pharmacies delivering ejis wellness products are carefully selected and evaluated to ensure equipment and facilities are using the newest, most sophisticated compounding equipment available.  

Master Formulations

All of our Master Formulations, otherwise known as "Recipes" are carefully created through collaboration with our highly trained Clinical Pharmacists and specialty HRT physician colleagues.  This collaboration ensures both the best possible dosage combinations as well as proper route of delivery and base used for each and every product that is made.  All of our participating pharmacies utilize the same Master Formulations ensuring your ejis branded compound is consistent no matter which convenient location you receive it from.  

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